4D Quality Assurance

4D Quality Assurance

Dose reconstruction based on machine log-files and motion monitoring for 4D adaptive treatment approaches

Motion induced uncertainties hamper the clinical implementation of pencil beam scanning proton therapy (PBS-PT). We work on a methodology for fraction-wise retrospective 4D dose reconstruction, aimed at the evaluation of treatment quality during treatment.

People involved

Arturs Meijers, Antje Knopf, Cassia Oraboni Ribeiro, Hans Langendijk


OncoRay, Dresden, Germany: 
Annika  Jakobi,  Kristin Stützer, Christian Richter


A. Meijers et al. „Thoracic tumor treatment course assessment based on 4D dose accumulation for scanned proton therapy“ OC-0488 abstract and oral presentation at the ESTRO 2017.

A. Jakobi et al. “Log file based 4D dose accumulation for pencil beam scanning proton therapy: Implementation and first application” submitted to a special ‘physics issue’ of Radiotherapy and Oncology May 2017.