The CITOR project

The CITOR project

Prediction of comprehensive individual toxicity risk profile in head and neck cancer patients to reduce side effects

Radiotherapy (RT) plays a pivotal role in the treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients. As non-tumor tissue is also irradiated, these patients suffer from numerous side effects that significantly impair their quality of life. New radiotherapy treatment techniques enable a more precise irradiation of the tumor, thereby reducing the dose in critical organs at risk.

Sophisticated optimization of radiotherapy is key for each patient. This process requires detailed information on the relationship between RT dose distribution and the risk of side effects. This relationship is described in multivariable prediction models, commonly referred to as Normal Tissue Complication Probability (NTCP) models.

In this project we will develop multivariable NTCP models and combine them into a Comprehensive Individual Toxicity Risk (CITOR) profile. This profile will comprise a wide range of acute as well as late radiation-induced side effects and patient-rated outcomes. This profile will then be used to optimize RT dose distribution and to select patients that will benefit from proton therapy.

People involved

Lisa Van den Bosch, Arjen van der Schaaf, Erik Bakker, Roel Steenbakkers, Hans Langendijk.


MAASTRO, Maastricht, Netherlands:
Frank Hoebers (project co-author)

RIF, Leeuwarden, Netherlands:
Oda Wijers

THINC (The Health care INnovation Centre) Juliuscentrum, Utrecht, Netherlands:
Ewoud Schuit, Hans Reitsma