Robust treatment planning and evaluation

Robust treatment planning and evaluation

Project aim

Proton therapy is more sensitive (less robust) to geometrical uncertainties when compared to photon radiotherapy. Various methods have been proposed to increase proton plan robustness. These methods include robust CTV-based planning as an  alternative to conventional PTV-margin based planning. We focus on two aspects of robust treatment planning:

  1. to assess its performance when compared to photon therapy and
  2. to develop and evaluate methods for plan robustness evaluation.

People involved

Erik Korevaar, Sanne van Dijk, Hans-Paul van der Laan, Charlotte Brouwer, Marianna Sijtsema, Roel Kierkels, Dan Scandurra, Hans Langendijk.


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E.W. Korevaar et al. A single dose distribution per plan to represent possible target underdosage in a multi-scenario robustness evaluation. 2017 PTCOG (Poster Presentation)