Patient satisfaction at the GPTC

Patient satisfaction at the GPTC

15 October 2018

Patient satisfaction has a very high priority at our department of Radiation Oncology. We value the opinion and experiences of our patients and actively request their feedback. We now also involve patients treated at our UMC Groningen Proton Therapy Center in this process.

We invite all patients, who receive five treatment fractions or more, to fill out a questionnaire at the end of their radiation treatment. In this questionnaire, we ask our patients to rate our department, to provide feedback regarding positive experiences during their treatment and to inform us about aspects that can be improved. Positive experiences are directly relayed to our employees. Aspects that can be improved are first discussed in a multidisciplinaire taskforce and subsequently summarised into recommendations for our department. 

To maximise early feedback, the first 15 patients treated at the GPTC have been interviewed by phone. This allowed us to ask additional questions, determining the root of aspects that can be improved. Through these interviews we discovered that we could improve patient information regarding 'getting around the UMCG' and that our children's treatment and recovery rooms could be even more pleasantly decorated. Patients also indicated a need for additional opportunities for overnight stays. We take these recommendations to heart and we implementing improvements. We are pleased that most of the patients interviewed indicated to be very content with the commitment and care we provide.

In addition, in December we will hold face-to-face meetings with ten patients who have received proton therapy. During these live interviews, the patients will tell us about their treatment experience at the GPTC. Employees involved in their treatment will be present and will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions. These sessions will also be summarised into a departmental improvement plan.