Increased treatment hours and new indications

Increased treatment hours and new indications

17 September 2018

As of mid-August, our second gantry treatment room has been accepting patients for proton therapy treatment. We furthermore expect to increase the number of indications accepted for proton therapy treatment by early 2019.

At the moment, we treat patients with one of the following standard indications: base of skull tumors, chordoma’s and chondrosarcoma’s, pediatric tumors. We also accept all patients with head and neck cancer, a model-based indication for which a nationwide indication protocol is available. For these patients, a proton therapy treatment is only indicated if a planning comparison study has been performed and if all criteria within this protocol are met. The opening of our second gantry room allows us to now treat all eligible head and neck cancer patients.

We expect that nationwide indication protocols will become available early 2019 for patients with low-grade glioma’s, breast cancer and adults with cancer involving the cranio-spinal axis. From that moment onward, we will also accept these patients for proton therapy. We have already prepared the clinical logistics and treatment protocols for the treatment of low-grade glioma’s, and we continue our efforts to complete these for the other two indications as well. 

Performing a treatment planning comparison Performing a treatment planning comparison